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A Year of Sex was given to me for review by it’s author. This book is a tell-all of a year in-the-life-of Mia. Mia has been telling her sexcapades for the podcast I Want Your Sex since March 2008 and this is her first book. The book is a lot of fun, with a little bit of drama. Mia is a self proclaimed lesbian and she finds herself at the end of a 2 1/2 year relationship with a man. (So she’s a bit confused…aren’t we all?) She is mostly devastated but this motivates her to sow her wild oats and the result of this seemingly untimely break-up is A Year of Sex!

The book is 158 pages, broken into easy to digest chapters. The book includes a prologue, 23 chapters, an epilogue, a glossary, tips from Mia, Mia’s Playlist, and a bit of resources. The book gives a real look into the New York City’s underground of sex parties and clubs. Mia starts out with a plan, (and a budget), to have the most fun and sex possible. She gives the reader a real idea of what being a “unicorn” means and feels like. The sex is describes not to illicit raving lust, but to paint the scene for the reader to see things as she does. I enjoyed her writing style, and the way she writes what she really thinks and does. This book is honest. She is a 26 year old unicorn who is very attractive, so she pretty much gets to choose who and what she wants every time, just imagine that!

I got involved in the relationships she developed and I rooted for a forever when she fell in the love in the middle of everything. I found myself lost in the details of the parties she attends. The parties actually have “undies time”, where everyone strips down to their undies. I have never been to a party like that. I am not sure if the mandatory vulnerability would make things better or not. As she tells it, even at undies time, there is no guarantee of a hook-up. The parties vary from swinger to fetish and include women only gatherings. She is a woman who is exploring herself and indulging in all the roles of the flesh.

I thoroughly enjoyed the book. I especially liked the switch-hitting variety she indulged in. This is not just hetero sex. This is the story of a woman exploring everything in an honest tell all book of what happened in a year of her sex life. She leaves out the boring details of life and just focuses on the sex, and the details that influence it. The results of her sex experiment leave us with an entertaining book worth the small investment. The book is only $4.99 and available on various digital formats. If you want a real taste of the book click here and check out the preview, you can also find links to buy the book there. To hear Mia tell her introduction to the book click here to hear her podcast.

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  1. Mia says:

    Thanks, Karen for taking part in the tour. I enjoyed reading your take on the book. xxMia

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