The Diva Manual

Wanna be a Diva? Wish you could find the confidence to carry yourself better? This book is the perfect companion for every woman who wishes to break out of her shell. It will help you find the sexy confident you.

The book was really insightful. It is meant to be read daily, or at least weekly. It is broken into many easy to read sections. The author gives assignments and asks questions to really help things sink in. I loved that the first thing the author did was tell the reader to have a pity party. Yes! Permission to cry and whine about everything that was suppose to be but is clearly not. Then she asks the reader to commit to working on making the future better.

This is a book by Lori Bryant-Woolridge. Lori is an Emmy Award winning writer, the founder of Stiletto U, she is also a sensuality coach and an advocate for healthy sensual lives. This book is the book that goes with the virtual class available on-line, where you can get your “masters” in sensual arts. I don’t think I buy into all that. I read the whole introduction with a sense of trepidation. Thankfully, the rest of the book rolls on without much mention or plug for the class on-line. It can also be read as a stand alone self-help guide. This book is 259 pages and 5 distinct sections and an introduction from the author. This book is part of Cleis Press “Viva Editions”.

  • Welcome To Stiletto University and The Power of WOW -Welcome (includes an exam to help you figure out where you are now) -Student Mixer (the student mixer gives the 8 class alumi stats at their beginnings)
  • Individual WOW -4 Chapters about Sensuality
  • Social WOW -4 chapters about being charming and flirting
  • Sexual WOW -4 chapters about seduction and WOW power
  • (Final Exam)
  • Graduation -Student Mixer (what the Alumni did with their “education”) -Congratulations -About the Author


I really didn’t think this book would have much to offer me. I feel pretty confident and I am comfortable, (for the most part), in my own skin. I learned alot from reading this book. The power of smiling and how flirting increases self-esteem. This book encourages flirting everywhere, it actually re-defines it as being charming. Charming woman can handle a compliment and can be magnetic without everything always leading to sex. I enjoyed and looked forward to reading this book. It is well written and has helpful advice for every woman, no matter where you are in life. Young woman, married woman, celibate woman and sex kittens could all find something here to apply to daily life.

The book offers real examples of woman that have taken the on-line course and then gives you an update about how it worked in their lives at “graduation”. I felt this book was inspiring and useful. The great part about this book, is that it does not require a big commitment to read it. The “assignments” are very simple and easy to accomplish. Even reading it straight through it offers insightful tips for confidence boosting. I will definitely be referring back to it for a little pick me up when I need it. I found more tips about self-esteem from this author on iVillage.

I highly recommend this book. Even if you don’t feel like you need help, you could find something in the book to apply to your life/personality to make it better. If you buy this on Eden Fantasys, use the code SYM at checkout for 15% off your purchase.

product picture
Book by Lori Bryant-Woolridge
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Cleis Press Inc.


Review Summary
easy to put down & easy to pick up
engaging & inspiring
I would recommend this to a friend

I was supplied this toy free of charge from Cleis Press in exchange for an un-biased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.



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  13. BlueKaren says:

    I know I really love my kindle too! I hope she enjoys it as much as I did!
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  14. newmoswinger says:

    This is a great review, planning on grabbing this book now for Mrs. Swinger. Too bad they don’t have a kindle edition yet!

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