Pole Dancing

Did you know that Pole Dancing is a sport? Think about it….it is competitive, it requires strength and endurance, it requires skillz. It is a sport and some people start doing it for fitness and to feel sexy. I have wanted to be sexy on the pole ever since I saw the first girl twirl on it. Miguel knows this about me. He also knows I would not look into this myself. I did find a link on an adult store website that linked to a studio in Tampa. Until I saw the website I had no idea that people offered classes on Pole Dancing.


Okay, so fast forward a few weeks ago when Miguel called me all excited that he had something for me. It was a 5 class package at a local studio! I was really excited. I could now go and learn this sexy sport, and by luck he get me classes at one of the best studios in the area. Impulse Pole Dance & Erotic Fitness. They hold all kinds of credentials: Pole Position Certification, AFAA Certification for Group Fitness, US Pole Dance Federation, Pole Fitness Association, They were voted Best of the bay from Creative Loafing. I gotta admit that I was a bit intimidated to make the appointment for the class. I’m white, and I have no coordination. I was re-assured of this every time I took a Zumba class at my local gym. I have two left feet or something. I over-think things when I dance. I think I dance good when I am Eyz because

  1. it is dark
  2. everyone is drinking
  3. I relax my critical self when I am drinking

I made the appointment this week. I took my first class yesterday. I can see that I am going to get hooked. I loved the atmosphere of the studio and the friendliness of the instructor. The cool thing about pole dancing is that there is a pole that you can grab on to. As long as the pole doesn’t fall over all I have to do is hold on. I am definitely going back. Miguel doesn’t know it yet, but my obsessive Gemini nature is going to be all consuming about this until I get bored with it. This might end up costing us some more money. **Please don’t ask me to dance if you see me at the club. This, like everything else worth doing is going to take time and hard work. Those of you that really know me know I am determined enough to make most things I want happen.

The studio I went to also offers cheeky chair classes, foxy floor work and booty basics. I don’t think I am ready for all of that….yet. I expect you will hear more about this later. I am hoping to be able to get a pole for my house so I can work out at home. I want your opinion….


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