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We had a hook-up fail last night, (ego-maniac women are not a big turn off, you look even sluttier than me if you pick up a single guy at the bar when you have a couple there you are meeting! He wasn’t even as good looking as Miguel, what a stupid girl.). We went home and fucked our brains out. I was so tired, when Miguel asked me to get on top, I weighed my options. Then, I made him cum in my mouth instead. It got a bit out of hand and went all over my chin and hand, I got most of it in my mouth. I love the taste of cum, but I admit I didn’t always. Knowing it has even the slightest bit of health benefit helps me feel good about swallowing cum. It won’t hurt me unlike alot of other things I ingest, (i.e alcohol, nicotine, oreos, swiss cake rolls, salt & vinegar chips, soda, this list could go on forever). Obviously, the rules change quite a bit if the man has an STD. I did some reaserch and this is what I found…and may make it easier to swallow.

  • Semen is a natural source of proteins, vitamins, minerals and human specific components (TGFbeta etc.). Health building elements: Selenium, Glycoproteins, Testosterone, Blood-Group Antigens, Spermidine (a catalytic enzyme), Fructose, Zinc, Vitamins B12 and C.
  • Sperm accounts for only about 1% of the volume of semen. Semen contains water, mucus, sugar (fructose) acids and bases.
  • Oral sex makes pregnancies safer.” It’s true, research by Professor Gus Dekker, a maternal-fetal medicine specialist at the University of Adelaide, shows. Dekker compared 41 pregnant women with pre-eclampsia – a condition where the mother’s blood pressure soars during pregnancy – to 44 without. He found 82 per cent of those without the condition practised fellatio compared with 44 per cent of those with it. The explanation? Semen contains a growth factor which helps persuade a mother’s immune system to accept sperm. Regular exposure before pregnancy helps her immune system get used to her partner’s sperm.
  • Comparing the sexual habits of a group of 1000 men who had developed prostate cancer with 1250 who had not, they found men who ejaculated more than five times a week were a third less likely to develop prostate cancer later in life. Regular ejaculation may prevent carcinogens accumulating in the prostate gland, suggest the researchers.
  • They surveyed 293 college women at SUNY Albany about intercourse with and without condoms, and then gave the women the Beck Depression Inventory, a standard test of mood. Compared with women who “always” or “usually” used condoms, those who “never” did, whose vaginas were exposed to semen, showed significantly better mood–fewer depressive symptoms, and less bouts of depression. In addition, compared to women who had no intercourse at all, the semen-exposed women showed more elevated mood and less depression.
  • Some evidence suggests sex can be rejuvenating to the point of helping wounds to heal faster. Several experiments have shown that oxytocin can help even stubborn sores, like those suffered by diabetics, to heal by regenerating certain cells.
  • Postmenopausal women can suffering something called “vaginal atrophy”. The old saying is true “use it or lose it”. The only way to avoid this is more intercourse.
  • In an Arizona State University study on 58 middle-aged women, physical affection or sexual behavior with a partner significantly predicted lower negative mood and stress, and higher positive mood the following day. Simply put, researchers found that sex and physical intimacy led women to feel less stressed and be in a better mood the next day. (These results weren’t found when women had orgasms without a partner.)
  • Good sexual health may mean better physical health. Having sex once or twice a week has been linked with higher levels of an antibody called immunoglobulin A or IgA, which can protect you from getting colds and other infections. Scientists at Wilkes University in Wilkes-Barre, Pa., took samples of saliva, which contain IgA, from 112 college students who reported the frequency of sex they had.
  • Thirty minutes of sex burns 85 calories or more. That may not sound like much but I can’t think of anything I would rather do at the gym to burn those calories.

It is hard to say if it was more sex or the cum that actually had the benefits of some of these studies. It makes sense that having more sex would make someone happier. Regular ejaculation lowers stress. I am happy to help Miguel lower his stress and get a small dose of protein to boot. Unfortunately, in my researching for this, I found no benefits what-so-ever for cum on the skin, hair or any other part of beautification. Most of the articles touting health benefits readily admitted that you would need more than the average (betwen 0.1-10 ml), to reap any sort of health benefits. I did find alot of articles about woman and the clitoral orgasm. This seems like some sort of reset button, which helps to woman so many ways. Click here to read that.


Till next time Lovelies, keep it sexy!

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