Sunday Musings

We went out Friday night to meet a new couple. I had to work Saturday morning so it probably wasn’t the best idea, but whatever. We met a couple at a bar in Largo. The guy plays in a band and they were playing that night. Let me tell you how very fucking unthrilled I was to go see some band, but they were actually pretty fucking good. They played all top 40 stuff and they had a very talented (and beautiful) lead singer. We weren’t there to meet her though, unfortunately. There was no playing Friday night, it was a vanilla meet only. I drank entirely too much and I had a lot of fun, but I did not get any sex. (insert sad face here) Saturday at work was a big blur. I was busier than I have ever been, and everything took me twice as long because I could barely focus. Naturally when I came home from work all I wanted was a nap. I actually wanted a full night of sleep, but I got 20 mins of rest before I had to start getting ready for Saturday night. We went out to Eyz Wide Shut last night. I gotta admit that I was a little punchy from lack of sleep and as a result we didn’t have any new encounters. We had some fanominal sex with each other. Miguel knows just how to fuck me. Sometimes the best part is just being able to get loud and let go of stress for the week. We danced a whole lot and were very social, it was fun. I feel a bit bad now because I know that Miguel really wanted to play with another couple, but I just wasn’t feeling like it. Next time will be better. We did plant a lot of seeds, in the way of future hook-ups….we’ll see what happens!

I posted my resume on a few sexy job sites. I have been getting tons of job offers. I am just not sure right now how I want to proceed. I don’t wanna end up regretting a decision just for fast cash. I can tell you that Miguel ordered me some new lights and an awesome new webcam. I know there is a way to make my camcorder work on my puter for web camming, but we decided to go with a specific device. I can’t wait to get everything set up!¬† Miguel has a ton of ideas for new videos, he is a content genius! I bet he is thinking now how that photography class in high school is really paying off!

Funny where life can take you. A year ago I was just starting the blog. It was just a blog then and I wasn’t sure what to talk about. A few weeks later I posted the first pics ever on my site of me dressed up for Halloween. You guys know the rest about how it morphed into a swinger blog, then I started to review sex toys. When my blog was deleted from google I knew it was time for me to get serious. I have taken some time lately to reflect and I am so glad I didn’t give it up. I am so glad I took this path. I wouldn’t change anything now. I feel like I am right where I need to be.

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