A Little Surprise

I gotta tell you about me lately. I am working my ass of trying to get some reviews done. It is really “hard” work but I love it! I am a bit behind right now but after this weekend I should be all caught up! I have been struggling with what to do next with my website . I wanted a safe place to put the really naughty stuff we have been acquiring and now I can share it here without feeling like I am just giving it away. I got a part-time job for the moment. I know it won’t last, so next week I am going to start earnestly looking for full-time work. I have had some bonus money come in and it is just in time for me to spoil my oldest two children for their birthdays this month! My son is getting a playstation 3 and my daughter is getting a big party with all her friends. My kids come before everything else, so I don’t mind spoiling them just a little bit for their birthdays.

One day this week Miguel got it in his mind to have a single guy over. We don’t do this often, mostly because I am so weary of people being in my home. It all worked out this time though because the guy ended up being totally normal. A single Dad that was enjoying his freedom since his parents had the kids for the night.

→I know it seems kind of weird to talk about my kids one minute and swinging the next, but that is my life. It isn’t normal!

He was pretty good looking and so I didn’t immediately kick him out when he kissed me. One of the most awkward kisses of my life! He was tight lipped and it just wasn’t good. I had very low expectations of his oral skills but he ended up being more of a tonguer, so it worked for me. The guy was covered in tattoos. We talked as bit about porn and clips4sale. We finally got past the uncomfortableness of being strangers to being two horny people sharing lust. Miguel took a bunch of pictures of him fucking me and then he video taped a portion of it for my new members only area. Yes, I am now doing amateur porn for my website. He had a nice thick cock and he lasted a long time. We started out missionary but he didn’t cum till he had me on all fours. Miguel was attentively pulling my hair, grabbing my throat and smacking my ass. All that stuff I need to really get off. When he finished off I was so spent. He sat around for another awkward hour….ummm, ya Miguel was so patiently waiting to get his. I just stopped talking and started watching television.

He finally left and then Miguel and I enjoyed some awesome sex. I only wish we could get some one to record the two of us. I would love to watch that! I think we are gonna work on that this weekend, since our new camera comes with a remote.

I gotta get back in the gym. Thanks to one of my facebook friends I have been really thinking about what people see when they look at me. Is it all the fun and good stuff or is it everyone of my flaws? I am just who I am right now, maybe I can change some things but I definitely don’t want to loose myself in the process. Okay enough rambling for now! Until next time Lovelies, keep it sexy!




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