Oh my weekend fun!

I am so exhausted Lovelies! Our weekend kicked ass!. Friday we went out to a club. Fridays are hit and miss and this time it was definitely miss! There were only about 25 people there. It ended up being a great night though! Miguel and I went over to the lodging and got our freak on twice. At first we went to the dungeon, where Miguel tied me up and blindfolded me. I had on my tight blue jeans and a strapless black top. I looked pretty hot, too hot for the lame crowd, but anyways…. I slid my jeans off and Miguel strapped me to the cross. First I was facing him. He played with my tits and then put his fingers on my pussy. He rubbed my slit and fingered me to orgasm. Then he had me turn around so he could smack my ass. He continued to play with my clit with one hand while he smacked my ass with the other. I came so hard all over his hand. I kept thinking that we must purchase a good flogger soon. He dominates me so good, a flogger would just add to the pleasure!

He took me off the cross after some great play and pushed me to my knees. I know we had an audience when he put his cock near my mouth and I engulfed it as deep as I could. I covered his cock with my saliva and stroked it between sucks. He pushed my head deep as he could and remarked at how I wanted him to fuck me face. I did and he pulled me hair so I would go at his pace. He took the blindfold off and told me to wrap the towel around me so we could get a room. He said he wanted to lick my pussy.

We got in a room and I helped him undress so I could suck his cock some more. He positioned himself next to me so I could suck his cock as he played with my clit. He had me stop after a few minutes and then he lowered himself to the floor so he could lick my pussy and finger my g-spot. He licked me furiously and fingered me so well I came all over his hand. Then he fucked me so I could cum on his cock. He didn’t finish, he said he wanted to drink some more and hopefully find another cock to satisfy me. We got dressed and headed back to the bar for a while. Unfortunately, there was no one that really got my attention. I was really focused on Miguel and finishing what we started!

We went back for more, we even got the same room. He and I stripped down and then he handed me some of my toys. “Did you bring the glass ones?” Mmmm, I knew exactly what he meant when he said that. He loves to fuck me with the glass toys in both holes. he told me to get ready so he could fuck my ass. He put one in my pussy and I rubbed my clit with the MiMi. I came so fucking hard that lubrication was not a problem. He pulled the glass toy out of my pussy and then he worked it into my ass. Then he positioned himself on top of me and shoved his cock all the way into my slippery pussy. I was so wet and each of his thrusts sent the glass toy into my ass a bit deeper. I was so lubed up that when he said he wanted to fuck my ass it was no problem. My cum coated his cock and it slid in so easy. He used the other glass toy in my pussy and I got all my holes filled while I rubbed the vibrator on my clit. He finished up by having me get on all fours and he fucked me from behind. His cock thrusting into my ass while I thrust the glass toy in my pussy. I abandoned the vibrator because I was cumming and cumming at this point. It was an awesome fuck.

I’ll have to tell you about last night at another time. I am so wet thinking about this, I need to go take care of business. Till next time lovelies, keep it sexy!

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