Sexiest Blogger 2011

Every year SweetRori at does a list of the top sexiest bloggers on the net. This is, of course, a coveted position, to be one of the sexiest bloggers!!! The nominations are only accepted by readers, and I believe every year Rori compiles the best of the best on her list.Rori herself has a very sexy blog with sex stories, reviews and giveaways. I highly recommend checking her out, just for the sexy reading!

So what? So, I am asking you to go check out my blogroll and then go and nominate who you think should win! I have alot of hot bloggers on my list and I have already put my nominations in for who I think should be part of the list. I will be posting the top 10 here after she collects all her data so you can see for yourself. She is collecting nominations until Aug. 31st.

Also, if you enter your nominations you get a chance to win

So go and enter your for your chance to win! I would love to get my hands on that Clone-a-Willy kit!



  1. Legendary Porn Stars says:

    check out my blog.
    Legendary Porn Stars would like you read..Adorable pornstar Sophia gets tight butthole licked while she gives blowjob in 69 positionMy Profile

  2. Miranda says:

    Just saw that you nominated me. Thank you Karen. Not sure my sort of blog would be considered much to non lifestyle people though. You on the other hand have all your bases covered and I am betting you hit the top ten spot. You certainly deserve it.

    • BlueKaren says:

      Oh my God Miranda!
      But seriously, I send traffic your way because your was the first lifestyle blog I stumbled upon. You have a wealth of knowledge and I love how you both answer each person. I love you site and I hope other people nom you too!

  3. We nominated you also!


  4. Big Daddy! says:

    I nominated your sexy ass!!!

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