Cum Shooter

As you guys may remember I had my toy party at eyz wide shut this past Friday. I would love to tell you how great it was and how I got so many people in there. In reality I had to wait a really long time for the management to agree on a discount and then they didn’t advertise till the day of the event. As you can imagine turn out was less than spectacular. It was really not my fault and I will never be hosting a party at that venue again. I just wanna have fun, I don’t really care about the politics of running the club. Some people had promised to go since it was my party. As much as I wanted to cancel and say “Fuck It!” I really couldn’t do that to my friends. So I rushed home from work, got changed and grabbed my goodie bag, before heading out to Tampa.

We got to the door after an uneventful ride and they actually charged me to get in. I was so shocked I decided right then that I would not host any games. I did end up giving away most of my toys, to my friends that came out, and anyone who asked about the “toy party”. I actually had a great time despite all the bs from management! I drank alot. They started some new drink specials and we took full advantage. I danced with everyone. This is a good sign that I was pretty lit, I don’t like dancing with girls that much. I was really drunk enough to not feel awkward.¬† Most of the sexy people I would have wanted to play with only purchased bar side access, so when it came time to play, it was just Miguel and I. That was no problem because Miguel and I play great together, hehe!

Miguel and I got the “red” room with the high bed. I have had so much fun in this room with others, but tonight it was all about us. I stripped down and sucked his cock. Then he had me lay back on the bed so he could lick my pussy. He had me cumming in his mouth after a few minutes thanks to his g-spot finding fingers. Then he positioned me on my back with my ass near the edge so he could stand and fuck me. I reach for one of my toys and rubbed my clit to orgasm as he stroked his cock in and out of my soaking wet snatch. I came so hard like this. When it was his turn to cum he pulled out to cum on my stomach. He missed completely and his cum shot straight into my mouth and into my hair. His cum went like 2 feet from it’s target. We laughed that he came in my mouth. I had to wash the cum from my hair before we left the place. I had the delicious taste of his cum in my mouth the whole ride home. It was a good night!

Till next time Lovelies, keep it sexy!




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