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I received the Ishtar from California Exotics. I love that this vibe has a wireless remote. I have been using corded bullets for a long time and this vibe has changed my mind about them. Why use a vibe with all the tangled mess? My corded vibes always have a knot in them that demands my attention. This vibe promises to never become a knotted mess and it gives my partner the power from across the room! The cords you see in on this vibe are for convenience in handling and retrieval.

The Ishtar is part of the “Intimate Basics” line from California Exotics. The Intimate basics line is endorsed by Dr. Laura Berman. Dr. Berman has been working as a sex educator, therapist, and researcher for over 20 years. The Ishtar is a two piece system. The remote is very easy to work and has a dedicated on/off button. The buttons LED lights, light up when it is on to show which setting it is currently on. The retrieval cord on the bullet makes insertion very easy and safe. The bullet is completely waterproof, making clean-up very easy. The bullet and the remote are make of hard plastic. The plastic has a smooth velvety feeling to it and no smell or taste. This vibe would be compatible with any lubrication, I recommend water based, but it it not necessary to enjoy. This vibe has virtually no drag to it and insertion is easy and comfortable. For clean up you could use soap and water or an antibacterial toy cleaner. I immersed this toy in water for cleaning and the battery compartment stayed nice and dry. The bullet has a small seam that keeps it watertight, I did not feel the seam so it didn’t take away from usage at all. The seam on the bullet is where it opens up to hold the 2 N-1 batteries. The remote is not waterproof. The remote has a cap with an indicator along the seam to let you know how to open and close it. Inserting the N-1 battery in the remote was easy. Since this toy is remote you will want to take the batteries out when ever it is not in use. Being remote will drain the batteries very quickly, even if it is not on.

The Ishtar takes 3 N-1 batteries for power. The batteries are included in the packaging, (Thank you California Exotics!). The Ishtar has 5 settings and the remote works from about 20 feet away. The remote is ergonomically designed and comfortable to hold and use. This toy has so much potential as a kegal exerciser. The functions have three levels and then 2 pulsing settings. I didn’t find the vibe to be very powerful but this vibe is not really about power. This vibe is about discretion and ease of use!










The Ishtar’s vibrations are not very strong. I would give them a 2 out of 5. The vibe is wonderful for use as a discreet kegal exerciser with benefits. The toy is pretty quiet and quieter still when inserted. This toy would not be heard over back-round music while inserted. It will be heard in a quiet room, but not through a closed door. I plan on taking this out to the club and giving my partner the remote. He loved how easy the remote was to work and that it was small enough to put in his pocket. This toy would also make a great warm-up toy, or used in conjunction with something else. It was not powerful enough for me to reach orgasm with clitoral stimulation alone. It feels very nice when inserted and the pulses give a constant reminder to “tighten-up”. I loved the full feeling this vibe gave me upon insertion. It seems the perfect length and girth without feeling uncomfortable or like it was going to slip out at any moment. I found this very pleasurable and recommend it for use as a kegal exerciser or for someone with a very sensitive clit. While my clitoris is not “made of steel” but it is not overly sensitive either.

The Ishtar is a good sized bullet close to 3″ in length and 1 1/2″ wide. It is nice and smooth. The retrieval cord is over 3″ long and very sturdy. I tugged on it very hard and it held up with no problems. I really enjoyed this toy and I am happy to have it as part of my collection. I know it will make our next night out deliciously fun!

The packaging for this toy was not very discreet. It was a plastic box with a widow to display the product. The box tells all about the features of the product. California Exotics backs all their products with a warranty. For information about their warranty click here.

I received this product from California Exotics free of charge in exchange for an honest review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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