A typical weekend in our house. Miguel is stretched out on the bed chatting with sexy couples on his laptop and checking in on twitter. I have him addicted to twitter and he re-tweets me as I type something trying to be witty. I am on the other side of the bed, now working on a review. It is taking too long, I keep having to re-read what I wrote as my eyes get bleary. To much computer already, it is only 2pm and my eyes stopped focusing. I should go get my glasses. That would mean I have to get up, I procrastinate.

I stretch out on the bed instead. I close my laptop, knowing it will all be right there when I get back to it. I reach out my hand and find Miguel. His back is towards me. I scratch his back, down the middle like he always asks me too. It is always right there at the point he can’t reach. He absently says “Thank you baby”, when I stop. He is not paying me any attention. So I scootch in closer and force my head under his arm. I am as close to him as I can get, but I want more. He adjusts to me and keeps on typing. I don’t know how he can sit at this angle for so long. I want him to stop typing and give me his full attention. I want him to want me like I want him right now, without telling him with words. I bring my hand around and feel his package. He has no response to me that I can feel. He does not press back as I rub the soft shaft I have found through his pants. I sit up, forceing him to adjust his arm again. He keeps typing. This is not enough to deter me. I push his hip back and force him to lay flat. He allows this now and looks me in the eye. He knows what I want. I lick my lips in anticipation.

He pulls the front of his pants down and exposes his cock and balls. He is flaccid, but I don’t care. He has that in his eye that says he wants me too. I immediately lower my face to his stomach. I lick and nibble his stomach and play as I go down to his crotch. I won’t go straight to his cock. I lick his balls first. I breath on them after I get them wet just to make his cock jump at my touch. I lick the underside of him before engulfing his cock in my mouth. He always smells good, he tastes even better. His cock responds to my tongue and bobs uncontrollably. I need my hand to hold him steady so I can get him to his most aroused state. I jack his cock as I suck him and he moans and tells me how good I am. When I get him hard, or hard enough, I go full force with my mouth. I take it all the way in till I feel his sex hitting the back of my throat. I try to swallow when it hits me, then I pull back and suck just the head. This goes on and on, then I slow it down and lick the underside. I take just his head in my mouth and flick his hole with my tongue before swirling it around the sensitive skin. I love his cock. I close my eyes to keep the tears from forming. His cock is soaked with my saliva and I jack him with my mouth lube as I go back to his balls. I suck them and lick them. Then I take the whole cock back in mouth licking around with my tongue. I suck his cock, till he moans. I know his eyes are fixed on me and he tells me how sexy it looks with his cock in my face. I want his sex to fuck my face. I suck him harder and faster till¬† he tells me to stop. “Stop I am about to cum Baby! Ohh that was close!”

He wants me now. That’s all I wanted. I stop and I move up to kiss him. We will finish later….



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