Universe 1, Karen 0

A bitch blog that may just make you feel better about your day, cause the whole universe is too busy working against me to worry about you this week!

The Perfect Job

The universe has a funny way of reminding me that I am not in control of it! I hated working weekends, so I got a Mon-Fri job that now devours my days. Seriously I thought working mid-shifts would be so awesome. The job is really busy, like so jam packed with “work” in my workday that I can’t even sit down for 5 mins. My original schedule was 10-6. That was perfect….on paper! The reality is that I work 10-7:30ish most days and Wednesday they cut me early to make sure I don’t get a scrap of overtime. Tonight I did not get off work till 7:50. I got home to no dinner, it had already be devoured. Everyone is tired and getting ready for bed, and we are out of beer. Did I mention that my commute to this awesome job is 45+ mins? At least the pay is good!

Next Topic: How the Universe Works Against Me Having the Perfect Date

We have this couple we have been trying to hook up with for a month now. We see them at the club, but then they don’t have full access so we can play. We got to their house, but the girl was out of commission due to her monthly. They cancel a date due to school/work issues. We see them at the club and they invite us over to play but we already paid for full access and are too tired to make the drive. We set up a date on a Sunday….yesterday. That is what we did last night. We were headed over when the car begins to make a funny noise……then it over-heats……then it shuts off. So we are broke down half-way to their house. The guy comes out to help us out. We ended up spending over $100 on a battery and getting the van started. By then we were much too tired to play though. We re-scheduled for Wednesday. I am just sure the apocalypse will happen before then and I will always be wondering about what would have happened. Oh and the van is not so fixed now. I will need to sacrifice a day to getting it back to functioning.

The Perfect Hobby

I review sex toys. I write about sex. I love this aspect of my life, even when one review takes me over 6 hours to write. I get to make videos and talk about sex, and how much fun I had with little electronic (or un-plugged) objects. I finally got a niche I like on the net. I look forward to writing/promoting my blog and its contents. I am making a little bit of money off this hobby and it pays for itself. I love the perks of the “job” too! I am a networking Goddess on the net! I have my fingers in so many pies that I am making new flavors! This is one thing I will not stop doing though. I work so well under pressure that I will find a way to complete all my projects. I will make this shit look easy, too.

The Important Stuff: My Job as a FireFighter

Did I mention that I have 4 kids? Yup and everything is “on fire” and needs my immediate attention when I walk in the door from the “perfect” job. I spend alot of time trying to get the house to calm the fuck down and relax. I love my kids, they are the whole reason for my existence. They have been my driving force to become as motivated for life as I am. Now that I have money to do all the “fun” stuff with my kids I am too busy to find time to do it! I so wish I could be the Mom I want to be for them. Sometimes I just need to be Karen though. I get to be me on the net and with my Miguel. I beg for time on the internet and pay dearly when I spend too much time on my laptop. I am so in love it hurts to think about how much time I spend away from my Miguel. If I got everything I require from Miguel, I would wear his ass out. I will always be “in the red”. I will always have “too much” going on. This can exhaust a relationship, so I require outlets for my energy.


As I type right now, my daughter sits across from me. She is patiently waiting for me to solve the crisis of her kindle. Something is wrong with the internet connection, and I gonna gear up and fix it. Miguel is talking loudly to our preemie in the bedroom. He is getting into everything at this stage of his life. it is so awesome that our miracle is here with us, (I didn’t think my 1.6lb 12″ baby would live when he was born at such a disadvantage) but the kid is getting into everything now! My 3 year old is wrestling with my 10 year old, it is pretty late for them and they need to start getting ready for bed. I gotta go…..

Thanks Lovelies, for providing me with an outlet for my (extra?) energy tonight! Don’t worry I won’t let the universe defeat me. I excel at everything I set my mind to! Till next time, keep it sexy!



  1. macho99 says:

    After you survive all of this, you can go and fuck the universe back. hehe *hugs*

  2. BlueKaren says:

    Nah! I need this place, thanks for allowing me to vent! Thanks for checking out my rant Sexy Storm!

  3. storm says:

    This should be bitch about it week! I wanna bitch too! how about tweet bitching? i tend to go off in short but frequent spurts when i bitch.
    hang in there. should we give you the week off? :)

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