Saturday Night

This is my first Saturday night off in what feels like forever. I am going out. The club is hosting a Masquerade Party from SwingLifeStyle. It should be alot of fun. Miguel and I have our masks all picked out and ready to go. What to wear with the masks…I am not sure yet!

Work all week was killer. I find I am working 9-10 hour days on what should be an 8 hour job. Sucky, especially since the job is 45 mins away!

Oh well, I am getting over it and realizing that the pay makes up for the week I lost.

I am sitting here enjoying a margarita. Totally relaxed! I so wish you could all join me out tonight. I think the hair is coming down and I am going to get pretty lit. I am much more fun when I am drinking. We are suppose to be getting in for a discount tonight. The last Saturday night I was at Eyz, I ended up hosting all the games and the owner assured me he would make it up to me. Last week we went there and he didn’t even conversate with me. I was also promised some free drinks and they have yet to present themselves. We’ll see… People I am fiercly loyal, just don’t cross me or mistake my kindness for weakness!

If I am not acknowledged tonight, I am sure we will be looking for a new venue for my group party. Maybe a hotel takeover? I am sure a club would love for me to host there. My group has over 180 members. I also have a whole slew of adult toys to give away thanks to BlueSwing Store!

Okay enough venting and wondering, I need to get ready to go out!!! Enjoy your Saturday Lovelies, keep it sexy!

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