Squirting Mystery Solved!

Eyz Wide Shut

Last night the plans fell through. I thought they might, because I posted about it on my blog…..that is irony for ya!

I was determined to have fun, though. I noticed my favorite swinger spot was having a Bar-B-Que, so we headed out there instead.




I have missed going out so much. I got such a warm reception when I got there. The check-in girl, the DJ, the bartender, and my favorite hostess all remembered us, and made me feel back at home. It wasn’t very busy as you can well imagine, since it was Sunday night. As luck would have it, another sexy couple was there that we had played with before. They made our night super sexy!

The sexy girl from the couple greeted us in the entrance, she was upside down on the pole in the cage. A nice thing to see if you ever get the chance….this girl has skillz! We sat outside with couple for a while and enjoyed the food and good conversation with some friends. Miguel and I got to dance a bit. At first there was no one dancing but after we got up there, other couples joined us. Then we played a few games of pool. I think Miguel practices when I am not around because he spanked me at pool so bad, it was almost embarrassing!

Then we decided to go next door. Miguel and I were both pretty lit by this time, we almost forgot the sexy couple, but luckily she remembered and found us before we left. Sometimes the house gets so crazy and we are so tired that it seems we have to leave in order to have good sex. This was the case this weekend. We were just so happy to get out and be with each other. I would have “settled” for a sexy time with Miguel. But fate and the universe lined up and we had a sexy swinger encounter last night!

We all got outside and I remembered about my box of toys. I have a brand-new “Share” from Fun Factory that I won on a facebook contest from Babeland that needed to be “broken-in”. I won this $119 toy just for liking them on facebook. I never “win” anything, so imagine my surprise when my most coveted item that Fun Factory makes is being givin to me! Anyways, I had the Share and the We-Vibe and the MiMi in my box along with some toy lube and some wipes that  I need to review. So we grabbed the box and headed over to the lodging side.

We checked in our cell phones and choose the “good” room that has a bathroom of its own to play in. This room has a bed, a round chair and a lover’s couch. We all stripped down and the girl set out to show me how she “squirts”. (I have this running debate about weather this is a real phenomena or is the girl just peeing? I told her about my dilemma and she assured me it was not pee in her case) Okay, so her man grabbed a bunch of towels and laid them out and she got on the lovers couch. I grabbed my We-Vibe and got to work on her clit. I had the thing on high, but she asked if I had anything stronger. The pin-point stimulation was just not enough for her. I then grabbed the MiMi. She squirted right away, after only about 1 minute of stimulation. It was a lot of squirt and it came out twice and shot across the couch.

This was not urine. This was sweet tasting and a bit slick. I have to concede that not ever woman pees when she squirts. It was pretty awesome!

Afterwards I continued to work her clit. I worked her clit for so long and with so my trust that my arm is a bit sore today. She had at least one orgasm with it before we decided to get the Share out. I had her get on her knees on the couch so I could stand and hit her from behind. The guys got a good show as I lubed the toy up a bit and worked it into my pussy, and then into hers. There was too much lube on my end and I had a bit of trouble keeping the toy inserted. This is where great kegal muscles come into play. I guess I need more practice. Trust me, I was lubed up enough just watching her get off. So, I tried to wipe some of the lube off and proceeded to fuck her with the Share.

After a few minutes and a bit of aggravation at the height of the couch, we decided to move to the bed.  She is about 5′ even and I am about 5’8″ so the trouble was me I am sure. That worked out thou, because she decided it was her turn. She wiped off the Share and the MiMi. She handed me the MiMi and had me lay back. She inserted the share first into herself and them impaled me with it. She was so good at this! She started off just fucking me on her knees, then she laid on top of me and we both enjoyed the closeness and mutual stimulation of the MiMi working on our clits and the Share fucking us at the same time. The Share is awesome in its design as it the person who has it inserted also gets a lot of g-spot stimulation. I came hard all over that silicone cock as she fucked me good!

We then exchanged partners as we both first sucked their cocks and then got a good fucking from the real thing. We had such a good time with this couple we invited them to some vanilla outing with the kids. They are really cool and laid back. One of my favorite couples indeed!

On the way home Miguel and I realized that we still hadn’t fucked each other in a few days. When we got home we remedied that right away! Miguel fucked me missionary, then I got on top, then I made him fuck me doggie style where we both came together! It was such a fantastic night. Well worth the wait for a great fuck!

I am looking forward to tonight after the babies get to sleep to get some more great sex.

For now we are getting ready to take the trolley downtown and enjoy a night of fireworks with the kids. I did get my hair done and I think it looks awesome. As a bonus, my stylist hit on me and told me that he would love to take me out, were I not already in a relationship. I felt flattered and thought…if only he knew how I really was!

Till next time Lovelies, keep it sexy!






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  2. Joyce C. says:

    MMMMMM! HOT!!! Sure it was worth getting a sore arm over!! :)
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