One More Day….

One more day of work till I get a day off! Tomorrow is my 12th day in a row of work. A new job that is Mon-Fri and the two weeks notice for my weekend job. That may not be much to some, but I just came off a month long job search/end of school vaca and I was sure it would kill me.

  • I learned never again to take a job the requires me to work every single Sunday morning at the buttcrack of dawn, it kills my social life.
  • I learned that my household runs better when I am not here everyday all day long to add to the¬† chaos.
  • A long drive to work in silence helps me to clear my head.
  • I don’t like getting calls from random hook-ups without seeing who they are first.
  • I have to learn to cut down reviewing products I am not super excited about, I procrastinate too much!
  • I can go 9 hours of a very stressful day with only one cigarette to “calm my nerves”. Smokers are a minority in every society, except maybe the swinger world!
  • Margaritas are better when I get more than one.
  • I can survive all day with only a salad, lunch doesn’t have to include dessert……shocking!
  • Scrubs make getting dressed for work easy and painless. I love wearing something that feels like pajamas all day!
  • All doctors think they are infallible.
  • When I am tired I can’t spell.

Not really sexy, I know. That is where I am at tonight. Looking forward to tomorrow night. I wanna get so drunk I forget my name! I think we have a date with a sexy couple already planned. I hate to even say anything because for some reason when I tell you guys, the plans blow up in my face.

I don’t care I’ll take a chance.

Tomorrow night and Monday are gonna be awesome damn it!!! I am getting my hair done on Monday and I am getting my freak on this coming week! That is my mission, to get some naughty in my schedule and let my sexy hair down. Hopefully, we don’t get rained out for the fourth of July this year. Seems like every year we do here in the Tampa Bay but I am still gonna be optimistic. Hope to have some sexy stuff for you soon…


  1. me says:

    I loved your list! I only write about sex once a week… so don’t feel the pressure to make yours about it every day unless you want to. *smiles* I’m a fan on FB, but it is the first time I’ve commented. It’s nice to *meet* you! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  2. BlueKaren says:

    Thanks so much! Nice to “meet” you too! I had a great weekend. Looking forward to Friday!!!

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