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Okay I am going to share everything I know and have learned along the way about anal sex. I was a bit leery at first, but now I love it and it is something we both enjoy. I love anal sex now and with a few basics I know you and your partner will enjoy it to. The anal orifice is full of nerve endings. The male body has a prostate that is a treasure trove of pleasure if it is stimulated correctly.

1) Make sure both parties are really into it. I know this sounds basic, but if your partner is just doing it to please you then they will probably not be able to relax and enjoy it. Talk about it first, do not be ashamed to bring it up. Your partner may be lusting for it, too!

2) Do not be too grossed out to play down there a bit. If it is good enough for your cock, then a little foreplay fingering won’t hurt. I have fingered out that this is what does it for me…3 fingers. Not at first, work your way up from one finger, then two, then three. Yes!

3) LUBRICATION!!!! This area will not “lube up” with stimulation so please have this close by….water-based is great but it will need more than one application if it is going to last a while. A silicone lube like System Jo is great or something thicker like Maximus should keep it wet and slick!

4 ) Use a condom if you are not sure about your partners status. The lining of the rectum is very thin, and can rip if there is too much stress put on it. By wearing condoms, you can greatly reduce your and your partner’s chances of transmitting most STI.

5) Give your partner something to occupy themselves. I use a vibrator on my clit, If your partner likes the penetration to get them off, then give it to them as you work your up. A little manual manipulation can easily be accomplished.

6) Go slow! I know you guys have all seen the porn where he just sticks it in, but real anal muscles need some time to adjust to your girth. Most people are not porn stars and have anal sex everyday, be patient! I sometimes have to push out a little to loosen up enough for his girth.

7) Stop, if your partner asks you to. Miguel and I had a few failed attempts before success. I would not have been as willing to try again if he didn’t listen when I said “Stop!”. Anal sex should not be painful! Anal sex should be pleasurable for both parties so just try working a finger in and out if your partner puts on the brakes.

8) Don’t give up, if it turns you on!

Miguel and I are at a nice point where I actually ask him for it. His patience paid off…for both of us! Remember to be patient and to listen to your partner. We are hoping to do our first double penetration really soon, I feel we are ready (or I am anyways!).  Also I am looking for anal sex toys for future purchases. I love the idea of getting my ass ready for a good fuck! As always, I welcome you comment and questions.

Till next time Lovelies, keep it sexy!

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