Night Out Fail, Night Home Win

Miguel and I ventures out Friday night. We were pretty excited to be going to a BDSM club for the first time. I was excited/scared at what we might find. It was pretty early and I was just getting my drink on.

We arrive at the club and there are not many cars in the lot. This club is placed in a commercial district in a warehouse storefront, so I knew it would not be deluxe. The website looked like it had a pretty interesting layout. Anyways, so were we potentially the only patrons at this early hour (9:30pm).

We go inside and we are greeted by a person vertically challenged and a bit on the bigger side. She had a laptop opened up to facebook on her desk. I wondered at this point why it took them so long to respond to our e-mail inquiry, and why did we get such a generic message that didn’t really answer our question of pricing. The lady then informs us that we will be charged individually $50 for men, $5 for women, and they have a $55 membership that is required up front.

“Can we get a tour?” we politely ask.

“No, sorry”.

“Are we the first ones here tonight?” we inquired.

“Yes, it picks up around 10:30″.


Okay, so it is gonna cost us over $100 to get in, and we are the only patrons here? And we can’t even look around first?

Yup, that troll really thought we might pay! She wasn’t even friendly folks. If you are gonna be a troll, at least have a nice personality. Ummm, no sorry! We have never been that desperate for sex play.

So we left the place. We weren’t quite ready to call it a night thou… We were kind of in the neighborhood so we headed out to our old stomping grounds, a house club that we used to go to all the time. It had been 7 months or so since we visited. This place used to be great, but they stopped updating everything, and it just fell apart. People stopped going and so did we. Now that I have seen their competition, I can see why.

We got there and there was no patrons but us. The owner greeted us at the door and waived the entrance fee for us. We checked in our alcohol (it is a byob club). He showed us all the “updating” he has been doing and reminded us that Friday is always a bit slow. Disappointment rolled over me as I realized he had moved the St.Andrew’s cross to a common room. We were the only ones there for the better part of an hour. As much as we like to put on a good show, the owner was not exactly our type. Another guy showed up that helps around the place, and then one single showed up. Neither one of them would have done it for me either. So after about an hour we decided to head home.

I didn’t want the night to be a complete waste so in pure “old stomping ground” fashion I did the usual one way home…I undid Miguel’s pants and toyed with his cock the whole way home. I had brought along my we-vibe touch and I removed my panties. I alternated working his cock with my mouth and hand and using the we-vibe touch on my clit. I had three fantastic orgasms before we got home and Miguel got a good show.

We arrived home pretty early but we were lucky and all the babies were asleep. I stripped immediately and we got busy right away fucking. We tried various positions and broke our new liberator “BonBon” in right. We did it doggie style, missionary, me on top…we tried a double play with one of my vibes and even some anal. It was awesome sex and we orgasm-ed together to finish it off. I went to sleep well spent. I had delicious thoughts of Miguel all day at work Saturday. It was the perfect end to a night out!




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