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I got the book Please, Sir from Eden Fantasys and the Naked Reader Book Club. This month we get to review both Please, Sir and Please, Ma’am. My review for Please, Ma’am can be found at here. I wanted to share with you a bit about Please, Sir because this is more “my kink”. I love a man that takes control.



The Naked Reader Book Club


This book has 22 short stories by different authors. The book has 206 pages with an introduction by the editor and a section about the authors and the editor. This book was edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel. She has authored or co-authored more than 20 books of erotica and serves as the chief editor of Penthouse Variations. These book are about women submitting to males. This book is definitely a higher kink factor than the last book I reviewed He’s On Top. This book features both subs that are subs all the time and those that serve as subs just temporarily or part time in the relationship. Most of the characters get spanked or humiliated, one is even walked on a lease in a local park. It is all part of the turn on thou of being a sub, the dom is in control. All of these stories are written from the subs point of view. What they think, feel, and experience is all written in tasteful graphic detail.

The stories are:

  1. Anticipation by Shanna Germain
  2. Because He Can by Elizabeth Coldwell
  3. Avery Says by Sommer Marsden
  4. The Sub Fairy by Mercy Loomis
  5. I Breathe Your Name by Tess Danesi
  6. Long Time Gone by Heidi Champa
  7. Power Over Power by Emerald
  8. Knot Here! by Yolanda West
  9. Veronica’s Body by Isabelle Gray
  10. The Negotiation by Remittance Girl
  11. A Night at the Opera by Evan Mora
  12. Mommy’s Boy by Doug Harrison
  13. No Good Deed by Alison Tyler
  14. Masochist on Vacation by Aimee Pearl
  15. Lil’ Pet Brat, aka Lily Guangli by Kissa Starling
  16. Pleasure Keeper by Charlotte Stein
  17. Welcome to the World by Ariel Graham
  18. Stroke by Lisabet Sarai
  19. Sunday in the Study by Justin Elyot
  20. Walking the Sub by Salome Wilde
  21. Just What She Needs by Donna George Storey
  22. Your Hand on My Neck by Rachel Kramer Bussel

Because He Can was an interesting story about a woman that flirts with a man at work. She is a total sub to her husband at home. Her husband knows about it and he decides to invite the man to dominate her as well. This story did not involve any spanking or bondage, just total submission. This story was almost like a swinging adventure, with a twist!

Avery says is about a woman who slips up just to have her husband punish her. The Lil Pet Brat, aka Lily Guangli had the same sort of theme but they were not punished the same way.

Momma’s Boy included some watersports. It told the story of an aging dom who needed to be the sub for release. She chooses a male pansexual who used to be a student to submit to, and he dominates her with ease. I do not like watersports personally, but this story tells of going over the edge of depraved passion. I think the watersports actually make sense in the story.

I especially enjoyed Welcome to the World. It tells the story of a woman that has been a part time sub, but now is locked into a sub contract with her husband for one year and a day. She wouldn’t even be allowed to work, or make any decisions for herself. Her submission would become her whole world. I loved the character as she fought with herself over what it meant to be a complete sub, and how she had changed her mind before and called the whole thing off. She was committed by a contract this time and that would make all the difference.

I loved the book. Every story spoke to me or some part of me that wants to be dominated. I highly recommend this collection of stories to anyone who also enjoys this brand of kink.

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