My Newest Accolade

Hey Lovelies! Just a quick note here before I sign off and get some sleep! You may have noticed I added some new links to my blogroll. These are very sexy blogs and toy review sites, I encourage you to check them out if you get a chance……great minds think alike and these kinksters have some great stories for you as well!

Today was my first day actually on the job and I put in 10.75 hrs! It is great because it means we will be catching up financially soon.

Some more great news, I have just been given the title of a California Exotics Sexpert.

“What is that” you say?



California Exotics makes some of the best adult toys out there. They make them affordable too! My first bullet (that helped me achieve my first orgasm) was from California Exotics. So yes this award has sentimental sexual value for me. My new review is on a g-spot toy from Cal Exotics and Dr. Berman. Dr. Berman is considered one of the leading experts on women’s sexual issues in the United States. She’s co-authored a couple books (The Passion Prescription and The Book of Love), and she also has a full line of sex toys. Okay, so enough spoiling about my coming review. {use my partner code SYM at checkout for 15% off either of these titiles!}

While you are there, check out my latest reviews of some great California Exotics products on Eden Fantasys;


Luxe Renew

Extreme Pure Gold Cuffs

Colt- The Prowler

Dr. Joel Kaplan- Prostate Massager

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