Tuesday Woes

Today was a good day. Miguel met a new couple and of course I found this out when I looked at my phone and saw the new yahoo add request. He works during the day and I am a full time student so we connect the way alot of couples do….by hit and miss text messaging and really quick phone calls during breaks. This is never really a problem except when he has class after work and then I don’t see him till late. By the time he gets here, I can’t really focus on all that stuff we talked about during the day, cause we have 4, yes four, children and everyone wants my attention. If we spend 1 hour in the same room together before 10pm it is a good day. I am gonna be so glad when I we both get done with school and I can watch tv without guilt ( cause I really should be studying or spending time with my kids)!Oh well, live is hectic right!?

My oldest son surprised me this morning, he told me about a project due this morning that I should have been helping him with over the weekend. This is fun right? I don’t have enough to do I guess. I calmly reminded him that his project was his responsibility and he will just have to turn it in late. Just about the end of my lecture my Mom, (who lives with me and babysits for room and board), tries to remind my son that he lost his phone and needs to tell me about it. ….Wanna see a kid sweat, tell him his electronics are missing in front of his Mom!? ….We went into a sort of frenzy tryin to recall the last time we saw him with it, for sure, and where it could have been left. Turns out it was right where he said he left it, by the front door. All this before 7 am….

It is no wonder it takes me four tries to walk out the door cause I just remembered something else I left sitting by the door, next to my son’s phone. I can’t wait to see Miguel… In my head our evening is gonna be great. We will snuggle and talk dirty and about our day before we kiss our perfect children goodnight at a decent hour so we can get down to business and have sex.


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