Everyone’s relationship is a little different. It is so exciting to find a couple who I think is just like us, but in reality somewhere along the line that bubble will be busted. I have pretty realistic expectations about couples. I think swingers are usually friendly people. So it totally throws me off when people get offended when I turn them down. My turn-ons are what they are. I hope like me we can share some, but I in no way think I will be “it” for everyone.  In some adult sites you can share a “wink” or a “smile” or even a “spank” before talking to them. Some sites have “flirts”. People can choose this option just to let you know they think you are sexy and want to get to know you better. If you send me a “kiss” and I send you a “smile” well then that mean s thanks, and nothing more. If I “kiss” you back that is something different. Some people cross this line and think a “smile” is a flirt, it isn’t. Btw, I have been turned down before.  It happens to everyone. It just so happens, that it is a girl I see every Saturday night at the club. She is really sexy and tall and the first night we saw her Miguel said I should go talk to her, but she blew me off. Wouldn’t you know it? She is there every Saturday



While I am on the rambling subject, here is something else that drives me crazy; cheating. Swinging is not cheating, not for us. Some swingers will play separately but they usually have consent and that is part of the turn on for their partner. We always specify that we do not play separately. Part of the turn on is to see the expression on Miguel’s face as he guides it in some other girl’s pussy. He loves the noises that I make when I am getting fucked well. So we always talk about this in the beginning. I have actually never had a guy try to get me to freelance without Miguel. A single girl recently crossed this line and offered to suck Miguel’s cock during his lunch break.  Not just that she offered, but she was pretty persistent and promised not to tell. Bitch! Why would you cheat in a swinger relationship?  He can have me and more anytime. I don’t know why people want to ruin fun like that?


Another thing that really drives me nuts is no-shows. I have no problem when people cancel. Hey life happens, I know sometimes things can change at the last minute. But please have the decency to call. On Friday, when my sexy Latin unicorn came over, a single guy was invited to come and play with us. This dumbass was a no show! He will never get another chance, and as you can see from my last blog, he missed out on a really sexy time. I have noticed that some guys have a real issue with being on time. If I was a single guy I would show up early and wait. There are a lot of single guys out there, if I choose you to have sex with, be considerate. Just like any other date, you should show up on time, and call and say what your eta is.


Sorry folks, I guess this wasn’t a sexy blog. But I really had some things to get off my chest. The next one will be juicy I promise…with picture.

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