Saturday, Club Night

Last night we went to the club. We were a little hesitant after the last few weekends (Grenade City!!!). It was pretty packed last night thou so I am really looking forward to the Halloween party next weekend.
I was a little tipsy when we walked in the door so the details are a little foggy, but from what I remember the night kinda went like this….
Miguel and I arrived and preceded to played a little pool. I had my pink/black lingerie on under my clothes. I told Miguel right away that he needed to tell when to show it off. I think knowing this really heightened the mood. After a few beers I did end up with only that on. We were at the bar for a short time then we headed to one of the rooms. We didn’t actually finish, but it was really hot, with him hitting me from behind before he had to stop, lest he cum to quickly and end the night.
We went back out to the bar, and Miguel suggested we sit on the couch. The couch is right by the entrance so from there we can see everyone that comes in. I straddled him on the couch and somehow he worked it in right there! The bar was pretty crowded and I don’t think anyone who saw would have guessed, we were fucking right there in front of everyone. I have seen other couples attempt this but it always ends up being a spectator sport and that adds alot of pressure. If that would have happened to us, the night would have been over for Miguel for sure, lol! Once again, thankfully, we didn’t actually finish.
I think we went to the room one more time after that, without finishing. I came alot, the night was really sexually charged. We went outside for a smoke and found a quiet corner by the pool. We have always talked about having sex there cuz all the furniture by the pool looks so inviting, but it is always so humid. Last night was perfect weather. We worked it on the patio furniture and this time we did have a few spectators but I didn’t care at this point. I straddled him and rode him like there was no tomorrow.
After that we were both pretty spent. We saw a single male friend on the way out. Apparently he had been searching for us, but we were in a couples only area. It has been like two months since we hooked up with him and every time we see him he is trying to get it again. Oh well, maybe next time Padre…

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