Midweek Ramblings

My plan was to share some deep sentiment with you today, but I am kinda running on empty. On account of the fact that I can’t get enough sleep in my diet, and school is kinda burning me out. I am starting to get tired of learning.
I am actively tryin to get a single male to take Miguel and I out, cause we need a “date” out. After all these unicorns a single male would be great. I know some couples are intimidated by single men, but I love it! Miguel likes to watch me fuck, and I love for him to watch. We have had much more hot dates with single men than couples and unicorns combined. A great single male knows his place with a couple. He is there to add variety. On a date, two men adds so much sexual tension, I usually can’t wait for the naked part. The club we have been going to is getting rather stale lately. It has been slim pickins on even single men. This is the third time I go there and find a Sgt. from my old army unit, (yeah I was a reservist), with his swinger wife at my club. (that’s right it’s MINE). I know, right away you get a mental picture of some super buff military man. In shape maybe, but his personality is so loud and unattractive I cannot see past it. The funny thing is that his wife is exactly the same way. I would never hook up with this couple, or associate with anyone who did. They are very pushy and cannot read body language enough to know when the conversation is over. Halloween night I saw this same couple and this asshole waited for Miguel to walk away before trying to make out with me. When I pushed him away he got defensive and started going off about how he had known me longer than Miguel….what a jerk!
Anyways, we are planning on trying out a new club.
At some point thou, I just want a date. A date is when you meet a potential hook up, in a vanilla location. The last time I blogged was about a date. But I like single men the best. I love to have a guy to stroke my ego and tell me that my pussy is so good. My favorite this is to have a guy eat me out while I suck a cock. It really is my favorite thing. I take a lot of pride in my fucking ability so having a guy tell me that I was a great lay, that I made him cum quick, really makes me feel good. I wanna do it again, and again. As a submissive I aim to please…
A few weeks ago, we hooked up with a black guy. It is true in all my experience that black men are bigger. I am quite pale and Miguel said over and over how great it looked to see a black guy pounding me from behind. We talk about him often during sex. I think Miguel has tried to call him over a few nights, but the timing is always off. He was not at the club this past weekend. We have hooked up with him three times I think and he is just as good every single time. Maybe we will meet someone new at a new club this weekend. Ohhh, the possibilities!

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