Meet and Greet

Last night we went to the “meet and greet”. Miguel explained that this was an offshoot from the local website, for a specific group of people on the site…whatever. They invited over 150 people and about ten couples showed up at the bar where they met. We were the youngest (and sexiest) couple there (sigh!). We commuted about 40 mins. to get there, so we made the best of it. It was older grenades mostly, not even one possible couple. They were really friendly people. I drank heavily. I had a few shots of vodka to start. Then another couple asked if I wanted to help them finish their pitcher of beer, I happy obliged. They had karaoke at the bar and I got happy enough to sing for Miguel, he must love me a whole lot to put up with me. I was starving by the time we got home and after eating a huge plate of Thanksgiving leftovers, I passed out. I know Miguel was naked next to me on the bed, but I couldn’t keep my eyes open.
Looking at our finances today we realize that going out tonight is not possible. Depressing….Miguel is looking online for a local house party or something that will be fairly inexpensive. We could always bring the party to us later, but I really look forward to going out on Saturday night. :(

I really wanted to tell you about the guy that stood me up on Thanksgiving. He went from always being online, to never being online. It has been 2 days and he hasn’t tried to contact us at all. When I chatted with him Thanksgiving morning he was trying to get a sitter and expressed that he was excited about playing with us again. My feelings are more than a little hurt. We had such a good time last time that we played with him.Let me tell you what happened…

I found him one of the rare times I went “shopping” for single guys on a local website. He seemed eager to meet us and we started the night at a local bar. He bought us a couple of rounds of grateful dead mixed drinks. I rarely drink hard liquor, but it tasted so good. I had two drinks, two then helped Miguel finish his. Then he got a hotel room locally where we could play. It didn’t go so well….I got sick. It is funny now, but I was so embarrassed! We were naked in the room ready to play, in fact he was already eating my pussy, and I had to excuse myself to throw up. So after many apologies Miguel took me home, and we agreed to meet again. This guy was so cool about the whole thing. I haven’t gotten sick in a long time, Miguel had never seen me sick until that night.

A few days later we met him at a hotel again, this time I was much more sober. It was a really good time. He was a great kisser, which makes for a great pussy licker, lol! I stripped down when we got in the room. He had me lay down and made me cum in his mouth. I helped him undress then I engulfed his cock in my mouth and got him ready for some good fucking. He wasn’t an aggressive fucker, but his size was good. He was more of a passionate fucker. Kissing and whispering in my ear, telling me how great my pussy felt and how sexy I was. He fucked me missionary for a while, then I stopped him and got on all fours. I love for Miguel to see me like this, also I can suck his cock while I am getting fucked. I think I was more wild then he was really used to. He remembered that I told him I would love to watch a guy masturbate. He pulled out after a few minutes, took the condom of,f and laid down next to me to make himself cum. Later he apologized for not lasting too long. (I am so used to hearing that, every guy says that to me. I know if I just laid there it could go on for hours. If I never used my pussy muscle to squeeze the cock, I could delay them cumming. If I skipped licking their cocks, they would be less turned on….what fun would that be?)

Anyways, this guy was such a nice guy I decided to hook him up with a good friend of mine. I just couldn’t see why a great guy like this shouldn’t be getting laid all the time, by a sexy bitch like my best friend. They kinda dated for a few weeks, but he ended up being kinda a shit to her. After all that I still gave him another shot to play with us, cause he was fun and I enjoyed myself. He should have been more grateful. He is on my “do not call” list. Oh well, there are plenty of single guys out there just waiting for a fun couple like us…. I am sure we are gonna find some action tonight, it has been too many days for us, lol!

As I said earlier I really want this blog to be interactive. I am gonna ask you guys(and girls) if you would like to hear some of my fantasies. My blog description does not advertise this and I want to give you what I promised, but I got some great stories in mind. Also, was thinking of adding a poll or two just to get an idea of my audience. Leave your comments here or email me at [email protected]

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